Oh, My Aching Neck

Published: 16th April 2009
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Did you ever wake up in the morning and feel a kink or stiffness in your neck? You probably thought you slept with your neck in a twisted position. If it`s bad enough, it can really hurt and the pain might even radiate to your shoulders. That kind of stiff neck also limits your range of motion and your ability to turn your head without feeling the pain. One of the best ways that I have found to avoid waking up like that is to sleep with an ergonomic pillow, one that supports your neck properly. No more sleeping with 2 or more pillows. Ever since I got one, I haven`t woken up with that kind of crooked neck pain.

The ideal way to deal with a stiff neck is to go for a great deep tissue message if you can. But there are plenty of efgfective self treatments and preventions if you have a stiff or painful neck. You can use a long microwaveable heating pad that wraps around your neck. Then after that, you can gently message the affected area of your neck (or get someone else to) which will relieve some of the tension.

Sometimes the way we move can cause neck problems. Neck problems and injuries commonly occur during sports or recreational activities, work related tasks, using your shoulder to prop up the telephone, or spending hours at a time doing desk work with your head locked in a forward position.

Oh, the things we do to ourselves to cause our own pain! I`m not referring to neck injuries from falling or worse, or from whiplash from being in a car accident. Those are certainly more severe and can take many months to heal. Most of the time a stiff neck is caused by strain, over use, and not stretching the neck muscles properly or even having bad posture.

You would think that it`s mostly adults who get stiff necks. Students who load up their back packs with heavy books are begging for neck strain as well as ore shoulders. Women who carry pocketbooks loaded with too much stuff that weigh alot can also be prone to the whole torso ending up out of alignment. This kind of strain most certainly contributes to strain on the shoulders, neck, muscle soreness, and even headaches.

Here`s what to do. After you switch to a smaller pocketbook and lighten the load in your back pack, Do isotonic exercises that strengthen your neck muscles and prevent injury. An easy one is to take your right hand and hold it against your right temple, then press or push your head against the palm of your hand. Then switch to the other side and do the same thing. Do repetitions of moving your head from side to side. Try to touch your ear to your shoulder if you can. Then move your head forward and backward. Gently try to touch your chin to your chest when you move your neck forward. This will strengthen your neck muscles. A few neck rolls are a good way to finish up this exercise and will help keep your neck muscles flexible. There really are many effective home treatments that help relive stiff neck pain and problems.

The "pain management classroom" forum I`ve created is devoted to methods of treating and preventing headaches, neck pain, and back spasms. We demand so much from our bodies every day, so sometimes we need to undo to the residual effect of that demand.

Louise Green is a freelance writer and professional researcher focusing mainly on health related topics. Her forum www.painmanagementclassroom.com talks about undoing the results of the effects that stress has on our overall well being.

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